Curriculum & Guidance

Parents Know Best

Choose any of three options

(1) Parents Choose- one of the greatest benefits that our school offers is that you get to choose your child's curriculum. You don't even have to let us know what curriculum you are following. You simply apply the curriculum you want to, then send us the grades you want to apply to the child's transcript (if applicable) along with the last quarter attendance record. You can make it as flexible or demanding as you choose.

(2) AKA Provides- we can also provide a curriculum for your child, based on a number of well recognized curriculum programs. We work closely with parents to understand their child's needs and guide them towards a curriculum that can best answer that need. In many cases, we will work with FLVS, which is already accepted by the state, to provide the course work that your child needs.

(3) We Collaborate- this hybrid option allows parents to mainly apply the curriculum of their choice, while taking advantage of AKA to fill in the gaps.