Choice A, B or Hybrid- We believe in offering options for our parents. Each child learns in his or her unique way, and each family's situation is different. Families can choose the option that works best for them, and adjust their choice when needed.

Choice A

Parents Choose whatever curriculum they desire for their child and implement it however they so choose.

This option offers the most flexibility for parents, but usually works best for parents who are not working outside the home or who have more flexibility with their time.

Choice B

The student follows AKA's curriculum. AKA will be responsible for setting the teaching schedule, providing the teacher/tutor to implement the curriculum, and maintaining the grades for the child's transcripts.

This option allows for increase involvement by AKA, but tends to be the best for working parents with busy schedules.


The hybrid option is a combination of option A & B. The parents approve an AKA chosen curriculum that best fits their child's needs. The AKA curriculum can address all of the child's courses or just a few courses/subjects. Parents will decide which courses they will teach and which courses will be taught by AKA teachers. This allows AKA to help parents with courses that they are not comfortable teaching or that they prefer to be taught by someone else.

This is a very flexible choice, but requires a bit more parent involvement than choice B. With the hybrid option, the parents will be responsible for teaching at least some of the courses. For example, a parent might be responsible for teaching Language Arts and History while AKA teaches Math and Science. Parents can still design an unconventional curriculum when they choose the hybrid method, which makes it one of the more favorable options.

This option is best for parents who work part-time or those that have interchanging schedules that allows for at least one parent to be with the child at all times.